Broadening the reputation of an established brand to new audiences


360Learning, the fast-growing corporate learning platform which is pioneering collaborative learning, needed to broaden its appeal beyond HR professionals and position itself as an authoritative voice in the corporate development industry while taking share-of-voice from competitors.


The campaign focused on three core audiences: corporate buyers of the platform, employees at corporates – who might recommend 360Learning to their HR leads – and potential investors for the next funding round. To reach these groups Burlington focused on strategic placement of data driven reports and case studies showcasing the success of the platform for current customers; as well as news announcements including funding, key appointments to the leadership team, and M&A activity.


Prior to our campaign, 360Learning had next to no PR footprint – now its corporate stories have achieved coverage in TechCrunch, Sifted, Bloomberg, BFMTV, Les Echos, La Figaro, Fast Company, CityAM and so on. Importantly for the company, it has been able to build up a strong media presence within the HR and edtech sub-verticals – with regular coverage across the likes of HR Grapevine, HR-News and UNLEASH, which has translated into higher inbound new business enquiries from target customers. 360Learning has also significantly increased its share-of-voice within the sub-sector, now ranking in the top 10 for web searches / domain authority in corporate learning.