Re-establish Adzuna’s authority as the barometer of the UK jobs market


As the smarter job search engine, Adzuna has the most complete index of UK job vacancies covering all regions and sectors in the UK, from over 1,000 sources. The company was looking to re-establish its authority as the barometer of the UK jobs market and tasked Burlington with re-launching its monthly report – a deep dive into the details of hiring in the UK which was rarely covered by media.


Burlington and Adzuna worked closely together to outline the parameters that needed to be covered in each report including vacancies and salary figures month-to-month as well as year-to-year, the time to fill roles and the number of jobseekers per vacancy, while diving deep into sectorial and city-wide trends. Burlington uses Adzuna’s data to create monthly storylines to demonstrate how the UK jobs market is fairing nationally, with the aim of securing top-tier, national coverage for Adzuna.

Burlington helped Adzuna decide on the content and design of the monthly report, working to make sure the content was useful and relevant to media covering this specialist area. With our editors’ journalistic experience, we have been able to develop strong angles for each month which has been crucial to the report achieving cut-through in a highly competitive area.


Since the first report in April, Burlington has achieved growing coverage for the UK Jobs Market Report in Bloomberg, Reuters, The Daily Mail and The Times, as well as trade media. We have also secured interview slots for Adzuna’s founding team on the BBC and Sky News, cementing Adzuna’s reputation as providing the data that gives an early snapshot of the UK jobs market.