Balderton Capital

To launch a new European fund in a crowded market focusing on success and momentum


To launch a new Balderton Capital fund, and reach a new generation of European-born startups, in a somewhat saturated market where the newsworthiness of funds generally has fallen in recent months.


To cut through the noise and make Balderton Capital’s fund stand out from the crowd, we worked closely with the fund’s senior leadership to prepare a bold statement of Balderton’s intentions, backed up with data. It was a good opportunity to highlight recent successful fundraising by portfolio companies and follow-ons, which demonstrated Balderton’s momentum in the context of the new launch.

Balderton Capital is sector agnostic and covers all major European countries, which is an advantage when it comes to investing but means it is harder to find a natural media champion so we chose to target as many top tier media as possible with three key partners leaning in to do media interviews.


We achieved blanket top-tier coverage in the likes of Bloomberg, TechCrunch, CNBC, Reuters, WSJ Pro, The Telegraph and Sky News. Balderton’s key beliefs and positioning, on which we worked over an extended period, were reflected comprehensively in the resulting coverage.