Blossom Capital

To cement Blossom Capital’s position as the leading early-stage, high conviction, European VC


To launch Blossom Capital’s third fund at a time of increased competition, fundraising fatigue among the media and to reaffirm the fund, and its founder Ophelia Brown as the leading early-stage European VC. The secondary challenge was to raise Blossom’s profile with entrepreneurs, venture partners and limited partners.


Through a targeted, tailored campaign, we created high-quality content for multiple channels, including Blossom Capital’s website, blog posts and op-eds, a press release and accompanying Q&A. For this campaign, we cut through the noise by creating strong messaging that positioned Ophelia as the investor at the forefront of Europe’s tech moment. We used Blossom’s legacy as well as the team’s thought leadership to show how the firm has consistently been ahead of trends before outlining where the industry is heading. At each point, we tied this back to the thesis and direction of the third fund. We reached reporters with an international audience through our extensive network and placed comments on sector news and relevant themes to establish thought leadership and momentum.


The third fund achieved blanket coverage, despite the increased competition and fundraising fatigue among many publications. This coverage reaffirmed Blossom Capital as a leading high-conviction investor that, despite its size and age, is ambitious to invest in big deals. It is now an established influence in early-stage funding in Europe, playing roles in record-breaking deals ( and regularly features in leading business and consumer publications, and broadcasts on a global stage. The coverage also positioned Blossom Capital as a leading entity in the world of crypto investments. We have worked with Ophelia since the launch of her first fund and Blossom has returned to us for PR and consultancy, time and again.