Blossom Capital

Launching Blossom Capital’s second fund in just over a year


To launch Blossom Capital’s second fund in just over a year, while demonstrating Ophelia Brown’s standing as a leading early-stage European VC.


Through a targeted, tailored campaign, we overcame media fatigue with fund launch stories. We identified that Ophelia was at the forefront of a shift in venture capital circles whereby US investors are turning to Europe to identify the next generation of tech starts. Using this narrative, we convinced journalists that this was a key moment to cover.


Burlington secured coverage across key business and tech European titles, including TechCrunch, Bloomberg, Fortune, Business Insider, The Telegraph, Sifted, Handelsblatt, Breakit, DiGITAL and Frenchweb as well as an in-depth briefing with the FT, which led to a feature. We also reached reporters with an international audience through our extensive network and placed comments on sector news and relevant themes, continuing to establish Ophelia as a strong thought leader in venture capital circles.