To secure high-level coverage and influence for Europe’s most dynamic e-bike brand


Few gadgets have taken off with more speed in the past year than electric bikes and whilst the pandemic boom in normal bikes is starting to taper, demand for e-bikes continues. Belgium-based Cowboy has set out to be one of the leaders in this space, focusing on building a community for its beautiful design-led electric bikes. Burlington was brought in at the last minute to secure high-level international coverage, befitting the design credentials and urban focus of the brand.


Picking up the pieces from another agency, Burlington had only a week between the initial call for help and the embargo lifting on the press release. We focused immediately on lining up our key contacts across national publications, tech-specialist publications and cycling trades.


Despite the short time frame, we achieved 21 pieces of high-quality coverage across the UK and the US. The mixture of online, print and broadcast coverage included national publications, tech-specialist publications and cycling trades such as Sky News, The Times, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, The Independent, City AM and The Verge. The Cowboy team were thrilled and continued to use Burlington to amplify the news by pitching review models of their latest 4 and S4 models to journalists across core markets in Europe and the US.