To launch a new pre-seed angel network called Cultivate


To launch a new pre-seed angel network called Cultivate, formed by the founders of Blossom Capital and some of Europe’s most formidable unicorn executives, amid the economic upheaval caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. The aim was to attract entrepreneurs to the scheme and further establish Blossom Capital as the go-to, founder-friendly VC. 


With the launch planned just as the economic impact of the crisis was dawning, we positioned Cultivate as a supporter of entrepreneurs and innovation, at a time when other investors were being cautious. Through a series of op-eds and thought leadership pieces, alongside the full launch release and Q&A, we secured briefings and top-tier coverage between Ophelia Brown and key tech and business titles.


Instead of postponing the launch, given the market uncertainty, we shifted and developed Cultivate’s narrative in response to the crisis. Cultivate’s mission was always to support founders and our narrative emphasised and leant on why such support is even more crucial during hard times, which ultimately strengthened the story’s impact.

Cultivate and its mission made prominent, top-tier coverage across Europe, established Cultivate, Blossom Capital as well as the angels involved as being leaders and helped drive a positive narrative that has continued and will be remembered.