Launch a new startup focused on bringing trust to the fast-growing carbon removals industry


Carbon removals are one of the key tactics to help tackle the climate crisis but the industry is in its infancy and there is a lot of education needed about what carbon removals are and how the technology works. CUR8 is a new startup founded by serial entrepreneur and fintech expert Marta Krupinska, renowned climate scientist Dr Gabrielle Walker and net-zero expert Mark Stevenson to be the market maker for carbon removals. CUR8 carries out supplier due diligence and monitoring to provide high-quality carbon removals portfolios for companies and it was looking for an agency to launch the company.


Burlington created a press release that dug into the experience of the founding team and their commitment to tackling the climate crisis. We scheduled a number of interviews with journalists from across business, tech and climate to help explain CUR8’s business model, the challenges and opportunities in the climate removal space and how CUR8 has been built to enable this.

Burlington helped Adzuna decide on the content and design of the monthly report, working to make sure the content was useful and relevant to media covering this specialist area. With our editors’ journalistic experience, we have been able to develop strong angles for each month which has been crucial to the report achieving cut-through in a highly competitive area.


We achieved coverage across leading tech and sustainability publications including TechCrunch, Sifted, CityAM, EU-Startups, Business Green and Carbon Herald, as well as securing an interview with Marta on Sky News. CUR8 has continued to work with us – a partnership announcement with the London Marathon achieved coverage across major UK nationals including the BBC, Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard and Independent, along with podcast and conference appearances to help highlight the critical work CUR8 is doing.