Juicy Marbles

To launch the world’s most innovative and creative vegan meat challenger brand


Juicy Marbles is the creator of the world’s first vegan filet mignon. Having raised a seed round and with a product ready for consumers to enjoy, Juicy Marbles needed a PR that could handle both business and consumer press. Our role was to raise the profile of the company among investors and consumers and position it as the leader in a growing competitive market.


For the fundraise we chose to follow an exclusive strategy with TechCrunch, which resulted in strong visibility among the investor community. To raise the profile of the product and the company with consumers, we invited reporters to review the product, leveraging Juicy Marbles’s tongue-in-cheek branding and its committed ideology to great effect. We also activated a new campaign focused on micro-influencers, which continues to amplify the brand’s message across key younger buyers on social media.


Juicy Marbles has become a category-definer when it comes to alternative proteins, with widespread brand recognition across consumer titles and social media. The company’s steak drops now regularly sell out, in the manner of other hyped ‘fashion’ products. Consumer coverage has been widespread including in the Daily Mail, Fast Company, CNET, The Next Web, Vice and Men’s Health, as well in key vegan and vegetarian trades such as Green Queen, Vegan Food & Living. Investors’ who are covering this sector have read about the company’s fundraise inTechCrunch, with follow-on pieces from key tech trades and newsletters including Axios, Tech.EU and Tech Funding News.