Scaling the impact and reach of a burgeoning food tech startup.


Founded in 2018, Meatable is one of a number of cultivated meat startups – creating real meat from cells, without harming animals. As the company was looking to grow and expand its influence, it was looking for a PR agency that intrinsically understood the deep science behind cultivated meat, its potential as a solution to the climate crisis, and how to tell the story behind the company in mainstream tech and business media.


Since the beginning of 2022, Burlington has supported Meatable with a raft of announcements including the unveiling of its products, expansion to Singapore, first tastings and a Series B funding round. This has helped to position Meatable as one of the leading cultivated meat companies in Europe and a helpful resource for journalists investigating the sector, prepared to answer difficult and topical questions.


Meatable has consistently been featured in top-tier and trade publications including TechCrunch, Bloomberg, Reuters, Forbes, Vegconomist, Business Green, Food Navigator and more. The team has also had speaking slots at conferences such as Web Summit and Synbiobeta and appeared on countless podcasts talking about the potential for cultivated meat to change the world.