Open Cosmos

Announcing the funding round for a UK space tech leader


Open Cosmos is a UK-based developer of small satellites and satellite data platforms, to help companies and governments of all sizes to access critical space data. In particular, the company is focused on enabling access to satellite data to tackle global issues such as climate change, humanitarian disasters and sustainable resource management. We’ve worked with Open Cosmos regularly for the past five years and the company was looking to announce its Series B funding round.


Open Cosmos’s Series B fund raise of $50M was set to be the largest raised so far by a UK space tech in 2023. We created a press release and pitch that emphasised the success the company had achieved over the past few years, as well as how small satellites and satellite data can be used for sustainability issues such as monitoring the extent of over-farming in Northern Spain to detect deforestation.


This led to coverage in over 35 titles, from tech and national titles such as TechCrunch, The Times and Insider, to strategic space tech titles including Payload and Space News, helping to cement Open Cosmos’s position as a leader in the UK and European space industry.