Create an international media splash for forensic technology company Oritain


Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose but Oritain, a global forensic traceability technology company, is the go-to solution for high-end fashion brands and food companies to prove the quality of their wares. Despite a compelling backstory and mind-blowing technology, Oritain hadn’t done much international media so the Series C funding led by Highland Europe was an exciting opportunity to spread the news about the company and its impact.


We created a press release highlighting the technology and data benefits to companies that want to protect their supply chains and demonstrate that they were providing verified products of the highest quality to customers – from cotton to meat, and even wine. We engaged media from across the spectrum, including TechCrunch, Sky News, Business of Fashion and AgFunderNews to interview Oritain CEO Grant Cochrane to tell Oritain’s exciting story.


By working in partnership with Oritain’s New Zealand team and coordinating the announcement across three time zones, we secured wide-ranging top-tier and specialist coverage for Oritain’s funding news, covering this technology and the impact it will have in sectors from fashion to food and even pharmaceuticals. The release also secured an interview for Grant with the Washington Post’s Future of Food reporter on the topic of food fraud, establishing a much-coveted, strategic relationship with a global top-tier publication.