Amplifying the groundbreaking work that a UK quantum algorithms startup is achieving


Phasecraft, a quantum algorithms company, wanted to announce it had raised Series A funding from Silicon Valley-based VC Playground Global to help it reach practical quantum advantage – when quantum computers outperform classical computers for real-world applications.


This was an important fundraising for Phasecraft, as Playground Global has a strong track record in quantum. As a spin-out from UCL and the University of Bristol, Phasecraft is the only company in the world to partner with three of the world’s most advanced superconducting quantum hardware providers – Google, IBM and Rigettit. These companies are benefiting from Phasecraft’s record-breaking algorithms for computational efficiency.

In the next few years, Phasecraft’s quantum algorithms will be used to discover novel materials that will power the clean energy transition and this funding will support this critical development work. We used this as a hook to engage Bloomberg’s European tech correspondent, Mark Bergen, who covered the news exclusively.


Following the exclusive in Bloomberg, we achieved follow-on coverage on Bloomberg TV, Forbes, The Telegraph, The Next Web and more. This laid the foundation for a new series of media activities that will amplify the critical work Phasecraft’s team is doing in the quantum industry.