Proxima Fusion

Launch an exciting new fusion startup as it spins out from a respected institute


Fusion is the process that powers the stars and for decades, scientists have been trying to recreate this process on Earth to provide safe, clean and abundant energy. A number of fusion energy startups have launched and raised venture funding recently, all racing to create the world’s first fusion power plant.

Proximas Fusion, a promising startup from the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP) in Germany had raised funding from Plural to support its spin-out and official launch and was looking for a PR partner to help it make an impact.


We created a pitch and press release that emphasised Proxima Fusion’s unique position in the fusion industry: it was the first company ever to spin out from the respected IPP and it uses a different form of technology from many other fusion startups – stellarator instead of tokamak. We used this to catch the attention of FT energy correspondent Tom Wilson, who interviewed both Plural partner Ian Hogarth and Proxima founder Francesco Sciortino for an exclusive article.


With an in-depth article secured in the FT, we also achieved follow-up coverage in a number of tech and business publications including The Next Web, EU-Startups, The Engineer and Verdict. Proxima’s Italian and German comms agencies also secured coverage in Handelsblatt and Il Sole 24 Ore, to cap off a brilliant announcement for a groundbreaking company.