Introduce a new crypto and Web3 payment infrastructure and announce its Series A funding round


Polish/UK-based startup Ramp raised its Series A funding round during the peak of the crypto boom. It wanted to announce the funding, but also introduce itself, its technology and its story to an international audience. Despite the huge interest in crypto, the challenge was to both cut through this noise while also getting media, potential partners and investors interested in Ramp’s unique infrastructure.


We took an educational-based approach to telling Ramp’s story – in terms of its technology, its team and the wider context within which the startup operates. The Series A press release was used as a news hook to both explain what Ramp does, but also why it’s so important.


Burlington helped Polish/UK-based on-ramping provider Ramp successfully announce its Series A. By positioning Ramp’s proposition as the “PayPal for crypto,” even non-technical media were able to understand how vital, and how ambitious Ramp’s technology is. As a result, we introduced Ramp to a host of new titles and journalists and secured highly sought-after business and tech coverage.