Showcase a new challenger brand taking on the stressful world of car rental


Car rental is a stressful experience at the best times, dominated by a roster of old-school companies who still rely on doing things the manual way. Paris-based Virtuo aims to change that with a digital-first approach that streamlines the process and means you can get on your way without delay. Burlington was tasked with announcing the company’s Series B and Series C rounds to international media.


Burlington crafted a media campaign around technology reshaping the way we travel, leaning on Virtuo’s digital-only process and ease of use. Through building up the startup’s reputation in a staid industry for the Series B, Burlington helped to cement its position as the leading digital player for its Series C announcement.


Burlington helped to create a splash for Virtuo in its European markets, from its home country in France to Spain and the UK, with top-tier coverage across tech, business and specialist press.