Positioning Voi Technology as one of Europe’s leading e-scooter companies


To position Swedish e-scooter pioneer Voi Technology as one of Europe’s leading e-scooter companies in English-language media, even though the company had no operations in either the US or the UK.

To influence policy makers and transport authorities that Voi was a credible operator that could set up e-scooter sharing operations in the UK as soon as the law allowed.

To provide other European PR agencies with persuasive and journalistic content that would keep Voi’s name at the forefront of the e-scooter debate.


Creating content that positioned Voi as a partner to cities, we produced targeted news, features, profiles and op-eds that could be used in titles as diverse as business, consumer and tech publications, in multiple regions. Given that this is a fast-changing, newsy sector, messages and content was tailored to fit the nuances of different markets while amplifying the value of Voi – partnership, sustainability, shaping cities, safety and innovation. 


Voi has featured regularly in top tier publications across Europe and in the English language media, in articles on innovation in travel, caring for our environment, reducing congestion and creating better, more livable cities. Voi is known to some of the UK’s leading consumer journalists now, having featured in magazines and newspapers, and is frequently approached for comment. Its reputation as the European competitor capable of taking on well-funded US rivals is strong and this has helped to convince investors to double-down on the transport operator. Voi’s executives are highly sought-after speakers at key industry events including Web Summit and Slush.