• Kano was born from the belief that everyone should be able to understand and build technology and its kits teach kids to make and code their own computers
  • Kano’s coding kits are the perfect Holiday gifts for fans of Disney Frozen 2 and Star Wars
  • The Disney Frozen 2 Coding Kit teaches children to code virtual snowflakes and ice palaces like Elsa using hand gestures
  • The Star Wars The Force™️ Coding Kit teaches them to virtually swing lightsabers and use The Force™️
  • The kits are unique because their sensors track hand movements in three dimensions – the first time such technology has been made accessible to kids
  • Fast Company recently named Kano the second-most innovative consumer electronics company of 2019, ahead of Google and Microsoft, just after Apple
  • Since its launch, more than 73.5 million lines of code have been written on Kano kits and the London-based firm will ship its millionth kit this year


London, 11th November 2019 – With Christmas just weeks away, and ahead of this year’s most anticipated movie releases, Kano – the pioneering tech firm teaching kids how to make and code their own computers – is helping fans channel their inner Elsas and Reys with its Disney Frozen 2 and Star Wars kits.


Disney Frozen 2 comes to cinemas on 22 November and Kano’s Disney Frozen 2 Coding Kit is perfect for fans who want to make virtual snowflakes, create blizzards and conjure their own ice palace like Queen Elsa in the hit franchise, as well as code the power to tame snow, earth, wind, water and fire with simple hand gestures. Plus, from 27 November, the Disney Frozen 2 Coding Kit will see new challenges added that lets coders make algorithmic snow.


The Star Wars The Force™ Coding Kit uses the same hardware components but instead takes children from learners to Jedi coding Masters – or Sith Lords if they choose to take the Dark Side – teaching them how to swing lightsabers like Rey, summon Force lightning, overpower stormtroopers with Jedi mind tricks, pilot Rebel and Empire starships and more. Star Wars:The Rise of Skywalker, the final instalment in the Star Wars franchise, hits cinemas on 19 December in the UK/20 December in the US and the Star Wars The Force™️ Coding Kit will also see new challenges and adventures added on 27 November, and again on 11 December, in which kids can code their very own lightsabers.


What’s more, Kano’s Star Wars The Force™️ Coding Kit is also the only place Star Wars fans can meet new droid K-4NO, specially designed for Kano’s young coders.


The perfect balance of learning and fun this Holiday
With as many as a third of parents saying they don’t want their kids to have smartphones before high school, Kano kits make ideal Holiday gifts for both boys and girls aged six and over because they make engagement with electronics relevant and educational, true to its mission as a creative, DIY technology company.


Each kit offers step-by-step guides to help users build sensors and teach the basics of coding in fun, simple ways by guiding children through loops, logic and variables using puzzle games and fun challenges. Complex gestures come to life on accompanying apps. Children can then share their own versions of the apps online.


The Disney Frozen 2 and Star Wars The Force™️ Coding kits cost £79.99/$79.99 each and are on sale at Target Stores in the US, Apple Stores in the US and UK, on Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and Kano.me.


About Kano


Kano was born from the belief that everyone should be able to understand and make technology. Since launching, its users have written 73.5 million lines of code and the company now has more than 430,000 active members sharing thousands of applications a day. Members are guided and encouraged by familiar movie characters and other Kano coders.


It was recently named second only to Apple in Fast Company’s list of the most innovative consumer electronics companies on the planet by combining coding with gameplay, storytelling, and rich media to enable kids to get hands-on with writing their own code and making their own computers. Kano has additionally been awarded every major design award, including the coveted Red Dot.


Beyond at-home use, Kano has partnered with the British Council to run programs in libraries throughout Bangladesh where 96% of children exposed to its kits expressed interest in continuing to learn to code. Its kits are also part of the national curriculum in Argentina.


In classrooms, Kano recently revealed its Windows 10-powered Kano PC, built in partnership with Microsoft and the tech giant’s CEO Satya Nadella has praised Kano’s kits as representing the tipping point from “consumption to creation” in education.


The Kano PC retails for £299.99 and goes on sale at the end of November. Pre-orders are now available on Kano.me. It is a Windows-powered successor to Kano’s original Computer Kit Touch which helps children build and program their own tablet using a Raspberry Pi 3 and step-by-step picture instructions.